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This is a general overall visual system check, from the eyes all the way to where it is interpreted in the brain. Also, an eyeglass prescription is determined. Over 200 diseases can be detected in the back of the eye. Many can cause serious permanent damage if left untreated.

How often should I get my eyes examined?

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends at least once every one to two years depending on if glasses/contacts are being used. The AOA also recommends that ALL school aged children be seen yearly to ensure they have the best vision possible to help them succeed in the classroom setting.

AOA Recommendation Guide

But I see fine, do I still need an eye exam?

Seeing clearly is just one portion of the eye exam. Good vision does not always mean good eye health. There could be eye conditions in the back of the eye that you are not aware of and only an eye specialist can determine.

What Insurance do you accept?

We take all major vision plans (VSP, EyeMed, MES), Medicare, and most Medicaid plans. We would be happy to assist you in seeing if we accept your plan. If you are not sure what plan you have, that can be easily determined with a simple phone.

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