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Eye-Q Tips

Hinge Repair

If you lose a screw in the hinge of your eyeglasses, take a round tooth-pick and push it firmly into the place where the screw goes and break it off. This will get you by for several weeks until you can get to our office to have it fixed properly.


Heat Damage

Try not to leave your sunglasses (or regular glasses for that matter) in your car on a hot day.

Plastic frames will soften and get out of shape, and the lenses in metal or plastic frames can soften and warp out of shape.



Resist the urge to clean your glasses on your shirt. Before you wipe your glasses with anything, you need to get all of the dust and debris off of them.

If you wipe them dry, then the dust acts like sandpaper and scratches your lenses. Rinse the lenses with water (soap is helpful) before wiping them.


Minor Repairs

We do minor repairs, replace screws, do eyeglass adjustments and replace nose pads at no charge.

Scratches CANNOT be removed from your lenses. If you try to polish the scratch, you will just distort the lens optics.

To properly remove a scratch, you must remove the entire lens surface to the deepest point of the deepest scratch.  In other words, create a new lens, and the cost would be the same. So, you either need to put up with the scratches, or get new lenses.